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Leaving Soon!

Posted: December 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Friends, a verse that has been echoing in our hearts today, “we are to be in this world, not of it.” How easy is it to slip into the mundane of life, and forget to get our hearts centered upon Jesus Christ. I know I fail day in and day out, but praise God he is so gracious and constantly draws me back to the foot of his cross.

It’s an interesting feeling to be leaving everything you know. Bittersweet, yet at the same time really so real. We are so confident that God has called us to Guatemala, and so excited about what he is going to do through us and in us. Yet at the same time it’s difficult to leave everything behind. Yet God is so good as we seek him first, he takes care of the rest.

We officially finished packing 2 days ago. It went by so smoothly. We are so grateful. God has richly been pouring his grace upon us. God has been encouraging our hearts as the day approaches to G-day. Our car has been fixed, brian’s tooth was pulled with no complications, I find myself in complete awe of how awesome our God is. He is worthy to be praised. He is so good.

I don’t have any grand new things to write, but I do have something profound God has done in my heart. Only he could know that I needed some heart surgery. He has been teaching me so much on servanthood and what that means. I figured I had that all figured out, (haha, what a joke, I thought I had it figured out) only to find I have so much to learn. He spoke to me when we were going to be ministering to homeless people in pairs. The Lord spoke to me clear as day, and said he didn’t want me to be the one talking to them. He wanted me to be the one praying in the background. Boy that did stir up different emotions in me, because I love being the one talking to people, but the Lord spoke to me and showed me the other side of servanthood. He said serve others as they serve me. You don’t have to be the one doing it all the time, you can be in the background and serve through prayer and encouragement to the one speaking the words to them. I was so humbled, but it was a good humbling. The Lord was really checking my motives. Do I serve others to make myself feel better, or do I serve others for their benefit and Christ’s glory? Wow!!! So many profound things he shared with me. He told me that we are all the body of Christ and we need to be willing to do whatever the commander asks. It’s all for his glory anyway.

Anyway brief musings, that I hope are encouraging to you. Brian and I are doing extremely well. Thank you for all the prayers. Everything is going great!!! Can’t believe we leave January 7th.


This video depicts what life is like for some of the street people of Guatemala City. Our heart longs for Christ to be formed in these lives: