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Chris’ Experience in Guatemala

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Greetings Friends,

I’d like to share with you the testimony of a dear friend of ours….Rather a second mother….. So here goes:


“As you know, we headed off for the mountains on Sunday. After a brief stop in a city on the way we headed up to an established church to bring encouragement. The Spirit of the Lord is in this little mountainside church and the people genuinely exuded Jesus. They needed the encouragement, though, as I saw tears being wiped away while Brian preached the main message of encouragement – you are not alone when rejected…Jesus was rejected and he knows what you are going through. What a blessing! (I simply sang a song in Spanish I learned while we were still singing Spanish songs in our church services.)

Then to a house built by Americans for those missionaries (including themselves) while they are ministering in that area of the mountains. It was a little disjointed and Mel and Brian called it the ‘Swiss Family Robinson’ home. ¬†ūüôā

The next morning we headed back to the home of a precious Christian couple in the city where we stopped going up the mountain. This family opened their home to 5 of us (our missionary guide lived there in-between travelling the mountain roads). After a few hours of rest (Which is needed with their roads) It was back to travelling the roads again to another small church.

After we arrived it started raining. This church (as was the other) was built with wood sides, tin roof, and mud floor. Again, the people were precious. Many little Guatemalan girls came up and they were thrilled to receive a Puffs tissue.

Melanie sang a duet of the Spanish song ‘Ven’ and the English song ‘I Love you Lord’. (Mel translated the Words so they would know the words.)

After the service we were given a good Guatemalan meal of chicken, rice, and tortillas. After which a battery powered amplifier was used with a microphone to preach to the people in the village below. The amplifier allowed them to go about their daily activities and still hear the message of the gospel.

The ride home was a little tricky as the roads had eroded from the rain and were slick. But, God was with us and we made it safely back to our base home in the city.

Tues. our plans were to reach 6 villages. Due to some setbacks we were only able to preach to 4. I cannot tell you how it feels to know your voice preaching repentance from witchcraft and dead works is reaching the ears of those in these little villages.

On Wed. it was time to go back to Guatemala City. We said good-bye to the wonderful family in  Chicaman where we stayed and to Wesley, the precious young man who allowed us to go with him on his missionary trip.

This trip was in a VW bug with 5 people, our back packs, and the balance of food. Guatemala has the interesting practice of putting speed bumps in their highways…that’s right highways. Needless to say we scraped the bottom of the car more times than we would like to think of.

After returning from the mountains on Wed, we hit the streets Wed. evening. Mel and Brian have connected with a brother named David who runs a ministry to the streets. We joined him along with 2 other men and Daniel and Micah.

These kids are as young as 12 and hang out together huffing glue. To gain their trust and establish a relationship with them, Mel does the women’s nails. She and I prayed with a young 16 yr. old girl who is being beaten and burned at home. This was the first time she opened up to Mel. However, at her age the government would have to be involved to remove her from the family. The girl probably would not say anything for fear of worse abuse. So she hangs out and huffs glue with those she knows will not physically abuse her.

To minister to the young men, Brian took a pair of clippers and Daniel and Micah gave ‘buzzed’ haircuts to help with lice problems.

A 12 yr old boy was standing by me. Every time he put the cloth up to his nose to inhale the substance I would gently pull his hand away. After a while I just put my arms around him and held him like a mother. He returned the hug and then gave me a long kiss on the cheek. Here is a child so desperate for the love of a mother. But instead, he fills the void huffing glue.

Friday we visited the dump. By the time we arrived, Micah and his crew had set up the chairs for the kids’ service. The children were lead in song, then a bible story, and then the memorization of a scripture. When it was finished the children and adults went just outside the dump where a vehicle with ‘atol’ – a drink made with oatmeal, water, milk, and sugar that has been cooked on the stove – was ready and waiting. This drink was given in glasses to everyone who wanted. Some women came with larger containers to take back to their family. (This was how the ministry first gained entrance into the dump.)

I was able to go into a couple of the ‚Äúhouses‚ÄĚ made of corrugated metal. Oh, my, to see how these people must live tore at my heart. We were not able to go into the dump very far because of security issues (someone was recently murdered).

My neighbor found out where I was going on ‘vacation’ this year and I shared about the ministry in the dump. He asked if he could donate to the cause. Of course I said yes. Neither of us knew that just the day before Brian had been speaking to a mother whose oldest child is both physically and mentally challenged. She asked Brian to give her money for the special formula her child needed (similar to ensure). Brian told her that he had no money at that time for her specific need and prayed with her that God would supply. My neighbor’s donation bought the formula that was needed.

The last week has been life-changing for me. I am thankful to my ‘children’ Brian and Melanie for welcoming me into their home and ministry. I am also thankful to God that He has connected them with Wesley, David, and Micah. Each with their own ministry to advance the Kingdom in Guatemala – and yet they can work together without jealousy so that souls may be saved.”




Greetings Friends,

I would like to share in more detail about one of our recent events. Yesterday, Mel and I were on our way to a meeting in the wee hours of the morning when we were stopped by the police in zone 10.¬†Normally I wouldn’t be too bothered by a routine traffic stop except the fact that our passports were at the immigration office and all that we had were some flimsy papers from them saying that they had our ID.

So the police stopped us and asked for ID, title and another document. So I explained the issue with the ID and the officer said, “that’s not sufficient explanation” and began to get¬†weird….The only phrase that comes to mind when I think about his behavior is “Napoleon Complex”… You know the guy; short guy with a power trip… Anyway, It was going to get worse before getting better.

In addition to my “insufficient” ID, I couldn’t find my original title or other document. All I had was photo¬†copies¬†of both… This made him even more angry…. So after he told me what I need to get (an official stamp and signature from a lawyer), he took me out and¬†searched¬†me… Then he got in the car with Mel in there (Which made me¬†extremely¬†uncomfortable) and¬†searched¬†our car… Forget about the¬†constitution!¬†Forget about any kind of rights or procedure… This was just unchecked¬†authority! While he was doing this I was thinking: “What’s to keep him from attacking my wife?”…”What’s to keep him from planting drugs in my car?”… So I begin to pray… Right there like they didn’t exist… I reminded God why we were in Guatemala… I asked¬†Him¬†for justice.. I knew we had no one in this world that could save us from the authorities.

That is when the tide changed… I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but now I see that God, in His¬†sovereignty, was¬†using this situation the whole time. He had us at a “Table in the Presence of our Enemies” and He wanted to show us His Power over all¬†authority!

So the officer began his “beat around the bush” fear tactics. He said, “None of your paper work is good. I need to take your car” several times. From his end He wanted me to throw Him some lunch money. From my end I was accustomed to justice and police who do their job, so I wasn’t taking the “hint”. I really didn’t know… I just thought that he was taking the car…. So after 3 or 4 threats to take the car… I told him, “do what you have to do”.

This is when he asked where we were going, so I told him to our friends house to a prayer meeting. He said, “Does he speak better Spanish than you?… (Really meaning does he understand what a bribe is?)… I said, “Yes he is a resident… He speaks well…”.

So they followed us 5 blocks away to my friends house and I¬†invited¬†him outside to talk to them. Little did the officers know, but my friend has had an ongoing discipleship ministry for the local police department for the last¬†several¬†months… Like 25 of the 50 cops are coming to his¬†training…. So they tell him what’s going on and he says, “OK let’s go to the station, but first do you guys work for¬†Captain¬†so and so?” ¬†That’s when the table turned! They got¬†nervous¬†and said, “Uhhh. yeah, but He’s on¬†vacation…. and you know what, never mind about the paperwork… You guys have a good day…Then they left.

So let me just be frank about what’s going on… We began praying for revival in this nation and breakthrough in all parts of¬†Guatemalan¬†society for a couple weeks now… We get together everyday early in the morning and invite pastors and other leaders to join us… God is sending a huge wave to crash down upon the land.. A¬†glorious¬†wave of His presence that will wash this place and usher in an awakening before he comes again. This is the 11th hour! His coming is at hand!

Our experience shows us at-least 3 things:

  1. God is in control
  2. The corruption that we pray against daily is more prevalent than what we thought
  3. We must be doing something right if the enemy wants to discourage us so


As always I want to thank you dear friends for your prayers and support… We would not be here with out you… God knows that we are weak and would fail without Him and you… Your strong platform of prayer and¬†relationship¬†holds us up… We love you and bless each one of you!


Greetings Friends,

This last month has been a¬†tremendous¬†one….. filled with vision, passion and clear direction. We are so¬†looking¬†forward to all that God is doing and will do.

I don’t even know where to begin as far as¬†describing¬†the recent moves of God. I guess I could start with the effect of spending¬†time¬†with Bart and¬†Pam¬†Biddle. ¬†During our time¬†with¬†them we were so¬†released¬†and realigned that we came back to the city new people. That’s the best way I can¬†describe¬†it.

I find myself doing weird things, like preaching to crowds of people while waiting in line and I view every opportunity as a chance to reveal the Father.

We have found our “niche” in such a powerful way., but¬†rather¬†than sharing it point by point, I’d like to direct you to a new website ¬†(click here) that I designed. We have a projects page that will clarify much of our current work and the objectives that will be met soon.

Really, I have too little time now to describe in fullness the pieces and the doors that are opening for us here.

Let me say in short though, that you will see the King of Glory raise up young, Spirit led¬†church¬†planters¬†to go into the darkest parts¬†of¬†the world and you will also see a slum community that has had “investment” from outside organizations for 40 years but ceased to see significant change,transformed¬†as a result of our God and His power to use weak things to confound the wise. God will do this!!!

O Great God!,  I bless your Holy Name! Send your peace, grace and richest blessing upon all our friends, family and supporters back home. God I pray that you would bless them indeed! That you would increase their influence and grant them favor, and help them to cause no one harm, but in every way and in every opportunity to make you known.

In the Mighty Name of Jesus! Amen