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Community Development #1

Posted: May 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

The last few weeks have brought quite a bit of change. I want to bring to your attention a few prayer needs that we have.

First off, we are investing a great deal of time in research, prayer and action. We are both seeking God’s heart for the inner city and time tested forms of community development and also learning through doing; victory and defeat.

We found ourselves bombarded by trials over the last few weeks and felt as though we lacked the power (God’s that is) for the work at hand. It was then that we realized that we had kinda flipped the switch to auto-piolet and were not walking in daily dependency on God.

This was a scary revelation to us, because  Guatemala (nor anywhere else for that matter) isn’t a place to be SELF-sufficient. We all need to be GOD- Sufficient at all times! So please keep us in your prayers. All praise be to HIM that we have returned fully to that sweet spot of utter weakness and dependency upon HIM.

Secondly, we have moved into a position with Mi Arca/ Street Kids Direct of oversight of Community Development. We will also continue working closely with the street team, street church and running a proto type of the new mentoring program for at-risk youth.

We are praying for GOD ideas and vision, not just GOOD ideas and vision. Please pray that God would show us where He is already at work in the communities and how we can join HIM. We desire to hear His heart and know the true needs of the community. The last thing this country needs is another failing gringo project where the foreigner flies in with the super man cape only to leave a wake of destruction behind him when he leaves.

I would like to share a couple photos and stories about our work and challenges on the ground.

  1. The 1st  photo is Caezar and Maria José. They have grown up on the streets. They both suffer from disabilities Maria (mentally) and Caezar (Physically). They are currently in and out of a room in a hotel. This is contingent upon whether Caezar makes enough money from selling candies as to whether they are in or out of the room. Currently I believe they are back on the streets.What concerns us the most is that Maria is going to give birth to their first child in the next week or two. They cannot be on the streets when this happens, it is the rainy season and boy is it raining this year. Pray that God gives us the wisdom to know how to build up, strengthen and support this family in their time of need.
    Caezar and Maria José in their hotel room.

    Caezar and Maria José in their hotel room.


  2. Here are a few at-risk girls. I’m not going to share their names or too much information. I’m just asking that you pray for them to know Christ and be rescued from the life that has been handed down to them. These girls are dear to our hearts and we don’t want to see them continue down the wrong path. They are part of a family that has an opportunity to have a real hand up in life, but I fear that they’re having trouble letting go of the easy route for something better.

    One of the sisters

    One of the sistersThe other.. She desires to study hard and be a nurse.The other.. She desires to study hard and be a nurse.

  3. Here is the inside of a house that is leaking in the terminal. We are going there Friday afternoon to continue building relationship with an elderly lady who is the grandmother of many of the children in the terminal. She has lived there most of her life and knows everyone. We see her as instrumental in changing the face of the bus terminal.
    The inside of the house... Everything is probably really wet right now with all the rain we've been getting.

    The inside of the house… Everything is probably really wet right now with all the rain we’ve been getting.


  4. Maria del Carmen and family. You may remember some of our earlier reports about this family. Keep them in your prayers as we continue to reach out to mentor the young ones and encourage Carmen to make good choices (especially as it comes to making the ultimate choice to follow the Lord). All of her kids run the risk of being the future street people of zone 4 if we don’t see breakthrough.

    Maria del Carmen and Mel

    Maria del Carmen and Mel

  5. Keep our team in prayer. God has been uniting our hearts. Pray for these guys, our dear brothers; Duncan, Herbert & Jose. We have some other members of the team that I’m sure we’ll be introducing soon, but for now these are the main members.







Thanks for your love, prayers and support. Feel free to drop me a line if you have any advice or know of resources/ ideas regarding Community Development.



Hola Friends!


I know that it’s been sometime since our last blog update, but we’re still here!

ImageSo much has changed over the last year and a half that I don’t know where to begin. Some other missionaries told us in times past not to be discouraged. That things don’t move fast and that you’ll have those days where you just want to go home.

They were right, but you eventually find your niche. I guess this goes for everyone. Sometimes we feel as though we’re just meandering through life until *boom*, it comes; purpose…direction…clarity!

We have recently found this *boom* by joining a ministry team who have similar focus and are intentional about everything they do.

We are learning that it is only when we stop, look and listen to see what God is doing, that we can truly be of use to Him… Joining Him in His work is the Key!

So many ministries just sit, spin their wheels, take nice pictures and use the brides precious resources to further “their” vision, not “God’s” vision.

We have, by His grace, joined a team that is focused on deep impact with Jesus & for His Kingdom.

Thank you friends for your prayers and support during the crossing of this initial bridge. We are finally arriving to a place of greater usefulness.

We still have along way to go, but we feel that through this God-led partnership with Mi Arca/ Street Kids Direct, we have truly crossed a bridge!