Hola Friends!


I know that it’s been sometime since our last blog update, but we’re still here!

ImageSo much has changed over the last year and a half that I don’t know where to begin. Some other missionaries told us in times past not to be discouraged. That things don’t move fast and that you’ll have those days where you just want to go home.

They were right, but you eventually find your niche. I guess this goes for everyone. Sometimes we feel as though we’re just meandering through life until *boom*, it comes; purpose…direction…clarity!

We have recently found this *boom* by joining a ministry team who have similar focus and are intentional about everything they do.

We are learning that it is only when we stop, look and listen to see what God is doing, that we can truly be of use to Him… Joining Him in His work is the Key!

So many ministries just sit, spin their wheels, take nice pictures and use the brides precious resources to further “their” vision, not “God’s” vision.

We have, by His grace, joined a team that is focused on deep impact with Jesus & for His Kingdom.

Thank you friends for your prayers and support during the crossing of this initial bridge. We are finally arriving to a place of greater usefulness.

We still have along way to go, but we feel that through this God-led partnership with Mi Arca/ Street Kids Direct, we have truly crossed a bridge!


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