About Us

We are Brian and Melanie Frye from Elkhart, IN. We were married in June 2008, one year after completing a nine-month residential ConneXions training program hosted by Living Faith Fellowship.
Since the completion of ConneXions, we have faithfully served in various ministries. We were leaders of a Life Group (or cell group) for three years at LFF. We also led church services for a local rehabilitation center for two years. More recently, we have been on staff at LFF as “facilitators” of the ConneXions program, taking responsibility for the daily oversight of the training. This was a great challenge and blessing!
We also have an incredible heart for the broken, the outcast and the oppressed. We have both suffered through deep and painful trials and understand what it means to be delivered by the Lord and “accepted in the beloved.” This experiential knowledge of Him and His power to save has birthed in us a burning desire to speak forth the “Word of Life” among the downtrodden.
We have a firm conviction that the gospel is more than just words. It is life! It is a Person and He desires to make Himself known. He is loving and merciful. He does not overlook people because of their perceived lack of inherent value. He came to seek and save that which was lost. He surrounded Himself with thieves and prostitutes and said, “Sin no more”. This is what we also desire to do and it is this “Heart of Jesus” that defines who we are.

Here is a really neat video that we shot in one of the areas we desire to work in Guatemala City. http://www.youtube.com/user/brianfrye82#p/a/u/0/V8EqHs9q19s


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